Wish happiness be always in everyone


山里のくらしは 静かで つつましく 
あたたかく たくましく 美しい

目に映る景色は 常に変わり飽きることがない

この土地に立つと 生きることに心を揺さぶられる


Largoはここに暮らす人と、ここを訪れる人が 共に、


 We hope that everyone who lives here and visits here will feel enriched. The lives of the people here are quiet and humble.  It’s warm, strong. And beautiful.   The view we see here is ever-changing and insatiable. This land inspires me to live. Wake up in the morning, eat, laugh, work, play, and sleep soundly. This is where you learn how to be grateful that every day is the same. It teaches us that it’s important to take care of our bodies and minds. We hope. That the people who live here and the people who visit here will feel a sense of ennomeration. We  hope  all have hope for tomorrow.With nature’s time.