Wishing everlasting happiness in everyone.


山里のくらしは 静かで つつましく 
あたたかく たくましく 美しい

目に映る景色は 常に変わり飽きることがない

この土地に立つと 生きることに心を揺さぶられる


Largoはここに暮らす人と、ここを訪れる人が 共に、


Offering prosperity to both inhabitants and visitors

Mountain village life,
Tranquil, humble, warm, robust, beautiful.

The continuously changing landscape is forever captivating.

Standing within this land touches the heart,
While teaching the value of tuning into the unanimity of each day.

Largo is for both those who live here and those who visit,
With hopes of creating a shared society that bestows a pleasant and prosperous future to everyone.

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