Lab & Class


植物をみつめ 耳を澄ませ 心をひらいて
自然と 共にある暮らしを楽しむ学びの場








Observing plants, listening carefully, opening your heart.
Enveloped by nature, at this learning place we can enjoy our lives.

Largo provides classes that focus on fieldwork where you can experience the plants and scents you encounter in nature.
We feel it is important to carefully look at the relationship between our lives and our health, and how this can involve not only Western herbs but also Japanese herbs that grow in the wild.
One of the highlights of our classes is that you can experience the permaculture that this area has naturally created.
We regularly invite experts from each field as guests and hold study sessions which go out into the field to pick herbs and observe them in order to deepen our understanding of nature and plants.

In collaboration with accredited classes and schools, we also offer short-term intensive lessons which apply the knowledge of aromatherapy and herbology in order to acquire qualifications.
We also accept group training to learn about herbs, aromas, Japanese plants, etc. together with accommodation at the Largo Inn. Please feel free to contact us for further details.


* For teachers who wish to have their own classes, Largo can be used as a practical training facility for herbology and aromatherapy.
Reference books and teaching materials can also be rented, so please feel free to contact us.