高松空港より約 1.5時間

・宿に最も近いアクセスポイントは 四国交通バス停「三好橋」「白地」「白地上」「中西」

・公共交通機関をご利用の場合、最寄り駅は「JR阿波池田駅」 駅より宿まで車で約25分(タクシー運賃目安¥1,500)

・高速道路をご利用の場合は、NEXCO西日本 徳島道 「井川・池田IC 」で降りてください。宿までは車で約30分。


Largo is located in the town of Ikeda in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture.
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There are several ways to access the area:

・The closest airport is Takamatsu Airport about 1.5 hours from Largo.
   By train, the closest station for both express and local trains would be JR Awa-Ikeda Station (阿波池田駅).
・Long Distance Express Buses go to the Awa-Ikeda Bus Terminal (阿波池田BT) in central Ikeda, which is located near Awa-Ikeda  Train Station.
・From either the train station or the bus terminal in Ikeda, there are local buses via Shikoku Kotsu (四国交通) which can be taken       towards Largo (about a 10-15 minute bus ride). The closest bus stops would be “Miyoshi-bashi” (三好橋), “Hakuhi”(白地),             “Hakuchi-kami”(白地上), or “Nakanishi”(中西). Each of these bus stops are equal distance to Largo, which is a further 4km away      from any of them.
・By car, the closest expressway exit is Ikawa-Ikeda IC (井川・池田IC) on the Tokushima Expressway.
 It takes about 30 minutes to  drive from Ikawa-Ikeda IC to Largo.


無料駐車場完備 15台
Free parking is available for up to 15 cars.



Since Largo is located in the center of Shikoku, it can also be used as a convenient base for exploring the region.
We will give more detailed access information to Largo when you contact based on your method of travel, and we can also arrange to pick you up from the closest point.